A downloadable game for Windows

A project from several years ago.

There's one polished level + a level to prove that multiple levels are possible.

Press F3 to toggle between fullscreen and windowed (default).

It is possible to add your own level (maximum 120 levels are allowed in total).
To create e.g. level 3..
.. add object placement and item placement information in data/level_3.dat
.. add a background image -> images/backgrounds/level_3.png
.. add an overlay image -> images/backgrounds/level__3.png
.. add a thumbnail image -> images/thumbnails/level_3.png

NOTE: to link a pressureplate to a spoontrap..
                .. in level_3.dat add TYPE: 1 X: <x> Y: <y> LINKED: -1 replacing <x> and <y> w. actual coordinates
                .. in level_3.dat add TYPE: 3 X: <x> Y: <y> LINKED: <index> replacing <x> and <y> w. actual coordinates and <index> with the index to the spoontrap item

Install instructions

1. unzip jellyventure.zip

2. run Jellyventure.exe to start the game


jellyventure.zip 117 MB

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